Reloading Recipes, Manuals, and Data and Where to Find Them FREE!

One of the first things all reloaders need ot do before they start reloading is to consult a quality reloading manual. A decent manual will match the caliber and weight of your bullet with the proper powder along with the amount of powder which is safe to reload with.
Also of great importance in good modern reloading manuals is the MAXIMUM amount of powder safe for a certain load. NEVER EXCEED THE MAXIMUM AMOUNT OF POWDER IN YOUR RELOADS as set forth by your reloading manual.
It can be difficult to select a reloading manual. If you do a little research online, you’ll often find thread after thread of people arguing back and forth over what is the “best” reloading manual to use. This guy likes the Lyman manual, while this guy likes the Lee Precision manual… and on… and on… This can be quite intimidating and confusing for the novice reloader or the reloader on a budget!
But there is good news! Hodgdon powders, one of the largest gunpowder manufactures in the world, publishes safe reloading recipes and data on their website for most all of their powders FREE OF CHARGE!
While it is often a good idea to compare one or two manuals recipes, we have found the the data on the Hogdon site is VERY accurate, and is all the data that many casual reloaders will need. The best thing about it is that is is periodically updated with any changes that may come about.
You can find the Hogdon’s reloading data on their website at

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